Seduce my mind and you can have my body.  Find my soul and I’m yours forever. – Anonymous An awesome mix of a Dating Social Community combined with a Personals Classifieds… EVERYONE IS INVITED! :-D

The above picture is what it looks like after registering. Registration

We are an awesome mix of a Dating Social Community (similar to other social media sites) combined with a Personals Classifieds (similar to other dating sites)

We are a Private and Independent diverse online community but open to all open-minded Romantics and Lovers. 🙂

What we are NOT is a porn site. However, you will find the posting restrictions to be far more liberated than other social media sites. Think of as a rated R (18 and older only) social media and dating site.

What you will find on

  • Virtually all of the features of other social media websites, including personal profiles, groups, private chat messages, and even blogs for you Romance and Erotica Writers out there.
  • You may remain completely anonymous, if you choose (you don’t have to use your real name and is never going to ask you for it).
  • Free Expanded Personal classifieds to meet others in person.
  • Zero corporate BS.
  • Just a fun and frivolous online social community to connect and flirt with like-minded others in free-spirited safety & security.

    Check out the 8 min Promo and “How to” screen vid here: Link to video is a paid membership service, similar to other dating sites.

The Membership Levels are:

  1. FREE for first 30 days then $3.99/month recurring after. Cancel anytime.
  2. $9.99 for 3 months recurring. Cancel Anytime.
  3. $19.99 for 6 months recurring. Cancel Anytime.

After registering below, the “Register” button will then take you to the payment page, where you will choose your Membership Level.

We promise, you will love the Fun and the Freedom 😉

Sorry, NO MINORS (<18 years old) are allowed on this site. By accepting the Terms and Conditions below, you are acknowledging that you are not a Minor.

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